Our Clinic

Welcome to “THE TOOTH FAIRY”- dental paradise for infants, children and teenagers. Children are not born with a fear of the dentist, but they can fear the unknown.

We are there for you!

Building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as special individuals is vital to our success. We understand how uneasy some children may feel about their dental visits, and how we can make a difference in providing a relaxing and positive experience. We have a dental practice devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your child’s smile using conservative and quality conscious procedures.

Inside the clinic

Our clinic is modern yet every detail of space has been designed to be fun and inviting for kids. Kids` friendly theme of the clinic includes kids` play zone that welcomes them into an open and cheerful atmosphere. We have a variety of books to read, movies to watch and games to play. Visit photo gallery for a quick glance.
Our clinic has two treatment rooms with state of the art technology to enhance patient care and comfort and help your child get the smile he/she deserves. Both the rooms have a unique theme to make your child feel special and at ease.

One of the treatment rooms has a Dino chair, exclusively for kids. Dino chair is a colourful chair featuring dinosaur and has a screen where the child can watch cartoons while getting the treatment done. Kids often forget that they are in a highly skilled pediatric dentistry clinic!

The other treatment room has a soothing and soft interior touch, where our matured teenager friends are treated.

In-house general anaesthesia set up

Our clinic provides in-house general anesthesia set up for kids who are not able to comfortably tolerate dental procedures while awake and uncooperative. We also have wheel chair for our handicapped friends to help them inside the operatory without any discomfort.

At our Pediatric clinic, we take utmost care not to rush and explain the procedure in a child friendly manner. This helps in instilling a positive dental attitude so that your child leaves our clinic with a smile.

We assure you quality

We give the highest quality of dental care by utilizing the latest dental technologies. Sterilization protocol is strictly followed. Our office uses digital x –rays, which reduces radiation by 85%. The equipments are ultra modern and of international standards.

Our team of skilled and experienced doctors, along with the latest setup of equipments makes the tooth fairy as one of the best pediatric dental practice.

Computer Digital Radiography (CDR)

Dental x-rays can now be taken using sensors that transmit the image directly into a computer monitor. This larger image helps the patient understand the doctor’s explanations more easily and enables the doctor to “zoom in” on a specific area of the tooth. Moreover, the images can be given to the patient in form of soft copy though a CD and also in form of hard copy after taking a print out. An important advantage to this new technology is that it reduces the amount of radiation by 90%. Digital x-rays are also faster. The digital image only few seconds to appear in the monitor. In addition, this new technology is friendly to the environment since it avoids darkroom processing and use of chemicals.

Intraoral Camera

It is almost inevitable for the patient to want the procedure to be done after seeing with their own eyes what is going on in their mouth. Intraoral camera is best used chair side to show the patient a clear picture of the inside of their mouth, allowing the dentist to consult them on various treatment options, and save the images directly to a patient’s file.A patient can see his own intraoral conditions under magnification with better quality than the dentist could show him with a foggy mouth mirror. It is used to build patients’ trust through visual communication. It is therefore an effective tool for patient education.

Patient education videos

At the clinic, patients are educated through audio-visual aids. Through patient education videos, dental information is provided to them in a simple and easy to understand manner. They are used to educate patients as well as their parents on diagnosis, procedures, treatment options, prevention and oral health care at home.